Use Cases - How it works

Bread & Butter works on any Webflow template, all no-code & simple. Here are a few examples of what you can do. Add one, two, or all the functionality to your Webflow site - you decide.

Getting started - Conversions & Analytics

The first step in any Bread & Butter install (after creating your account) is to insert our initialization script tag alongside any other common script tags you might be using (like Google Analytics). Once installed, your site starts capturing data. You can view this first-party data in our easy-to-use dashboard.

‘Continue with’ One-click conversions

Enable one-click conversions on any web page, or all your web pages. Each user’s information is available on our dashboard. Create trigger actions to export the data to your favorite CRM such as Pipedrive. The ‘Continue with’ widget works on every browser, and you can specify what Identity Providers should be available for your users. If you have a more social clientele, make sure to add Google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple. If you have a more technical audience, complement it with Github, Slack and Twitch, just to name a few.

User Events to understand your user’s journey

Start capturing specific events on your website via our User events no-code script tag. Understand where your visitors succeed, and where they drop. Capture events along the user journey that you define.

Gate content

Bread & Butter’s content gate feature allows you to limit access to specific web pages on your website to visitors that have converted (ie: authenticated users only). If a user clicks on a link in your website to the gated webpage, the ‘Continue with’ widget will prompt users to convert or sign in, focusing the visitor’s attention to the next steps required.

One-click conversion forms

Reduce friction on any Webflow form by enabling one-click conversions with the user’s information already pre-filled in the name and email address fields. Use this feature to increase conversions and get more accurate profile data. When given the option, 80% of visitors will convert with an account they already have.

Personalized user experience

Once converted, use the user data such as first and last name, and email address, to personalize your user’s experience throughout your website.

Sign up/Sign in Profile

No need to have separate workflows for a sign up or sign in. Bread & Butter takes care of it. Not a known customer? The user is put in a sign up workflow. Already known? The workflow switches to sign in. When you want to sign out just select the profile & the user can sign out.